Healthy dinner recipes: Gumbo

Meaty gumbo of Dried Flowers

When properly cooked is very pleasant to eat. The decision needs to be done to put the lemon juice and okra never be confused. Dried okra is rarely salivating but still useful to comply with the rules of cooking. Dry gumbo cooking should not be primarily in the outer parts of feathers. Therefore, they need to rub the palms up spills. This part is a little painful, but if you love until okra.

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What is Adequate and Balanced Nutrition?

Adequate and balanced nutrition is BASIC HEALTH.

Nutrition to suppress the feeling of hunger, the things that attracted the sate abdomen or can not eat and drink.

Nutrition; health, protect, develop and nutrients that the body needs to raise the quality of life is an act to be done deliberately to get in sufficient quantities and at the appropriate time.

Nutrients can not be taken at the level of the needs of the body consists of malnutrition.

For human life, the 50 nutrients are needed to close. Human, healthy growth and development of each of these elements to live healthy and productive as long as it is determined how much it should be daily.

When receiving any one of these elements

extras or less is received,

growth and development is inhibited, health is impaired.


If too much food is consumed, some items received will be very harmful to health is stored as fat in the body. This situation is called malnutrition.

Gaining awareness of healthy eating and nutrition education for the prevention of unbalanced nutrition is of great importance.


Adequate and Balanced Feed People

  • Strong and healthy appearance.
  • Mobile and flexible body,
  • a uniform skin, hair and eyes bright and vivid,
  • Strong, normal muscle development,
  • A person willing to work,
  • Height length according to body weight,
  • Normal mental development,
  • Patients who have a structure often.

The Fed also inadequate and unbalanced;

  • Movement of heavy and reluctant
  • Unhealthy general appearance (extremely weak or fat)
  • Rough, dry, unhealthy skin structure,
  • fat or lean body structure,
  • suffering from headaches Siksika
  • low appetite, tired, has a structure reluctant.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The people living in Mediterranean climate depends on cardiovascular disease mortality rates. Did you know that too low?

A healthy diet is very important nowadays, does not care that people eat that can cause a lot of discomfort and interior. This is also the age of the head of the so-called stress disorder attracts disease.

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Detox Diet

Thanks to this wonderful 3-day detox diet you will take the first step.

Day 1:
Warm green apple compote from morning till noon
Sliced ​​3 shelled green apple
3-4 sticks of cinnamon
5-6 cloves
10-15 raisins
All material is boiled to be warmed. passed from the blender. absolutely consumed as warm.
Cabbage soup underlying night until the afternoon

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Healthy Eating

A healthy diet is a diet that is balanced and adequate. body fats from food items for regular and stable operation of the cells making up the carbohydrates, proteins, we must take a significant amount of vitamins and minerals. All the nutrients our body needs. Ie unilaterally is just wrong to feed fed protein or carbohydrate. Balanced diet of vitamins, we have taken the most important nutrients such as minerals and fibers.

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Dukan Diet

One of the most successful in recent years that diet Dr. Dukan diet. Mainly protein diet method which gives immediate results and this is a permanent method. Known as the secret of French women stay thin this diet consists of 4 stages. 4 stages of dieting does not feel as if you were on a diet. Transport in the most successful way to target weight loss was adopted as a more realistic way by humans.

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Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks for a perfect abdomen
Here are our recommendations to limit your calories snacks …
In the period we are on a diet, is the most difficult moments of hours between meals. Sweet crises, something always snacking request this call come and knock on our alarm clocks. During this period, there will prevent you from receiving our recommendations will allow you to spend more calories as well as the most healthy way.

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